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Emission Festival 2016

West Coast Bass Culture

May 13th - 16th

Belden Town, CA

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Emissions Festival

is the



West Coast Bass Culture"

Online Presale Tickets are Sold Out.

We are in the process of updating the website with additional information to answer your questions.

We will have more detail posted on when you arrive, offsite parking, shuttle service and hours, and other helpful info.


1st Phase Lineup


3 Stages

Music that doesn't end.

There are not many festivals where you can have amplified music playing all night & all day long that is guaranteed not to be shut down. If you want to decide when the music stops and not be forced to be quiet than this is the place for you. A place where you can dance as much as you want to as much music as you want. 100% your choice! Creatively Satisfying Lineup- We strive for a special weekend soundtrack that stands out from all of the recycled lineups. Meticulously cultivated to be filled with the most creative sounds that are driving music forward today. Instead of being sprinkled around, it is featured as the unique sound of the festival. Immerse yourself in the sounds of now!



Apply Now to See if Your Booth will be Selected for 2016

Vendor Application for 2016 is open. We are reviewing all applications we recieve and will be updating this section once we have confirmed our Vendors for this year. While you wait for this years announcement, here is a quick look at the Vendors that were part of Emissions Festival last year (2015).

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